About Us

About Us

Over the past few years, many new ideas have changed our lives drastically. MyVaartha.com is an attempt to reach out to today’s and future entrepreneurs through detailed and insightful news articles from the world of business.

We are a team of entrepreneurs who love talking about everything entrepreneurship. If you are looking for answers, or if you have a great but unanswered question, MyVaartha is the place for it. We are here to enable and encourage young entrepreneurs across the world reach their full potential with quality content about entrepreneurship, advertising, marketing, fundraising and more. Do give us a shout out if you feel we have missed anything and it could eventually empower the entrepreneur in you.


Social Entrepreneurship Ideas to Solve Problems and Make the Earth a...

This is not another article, about entrepreneurship and making lots of money. It’s about social entrepreneurship ideas and social entrepreneurship companies,...