Colour – It has its say


Emotions do have a role in all behaviours, including consumer behaviour. The ability of colours to evoke emotions has well studied across the globe. These are cultivated from the beginning of life as a child and varies largely according to the location and age. So it is wise to look into the role of colour in Marketing.

Colour is a form of non-verbal communication, and communicating a consumer through colour can create more appeal. Colour can affect our moods and feelings and influence our thoughts and decisions. That is why we like to spend more time on certain sites than others. The need for consistency in colour and design arises due to this mere fact. Choosing the right colour scheme is vital to how your brand is looked upon.

Colour or visual appearance is very important when marketing a new product than its texture or smell. Colour can become a primary reason for consumers to buy a product. Visual cues help drive buying behaviour, and the colour is the most persuasive element: 85% of shoppers say the colour is a primary reason why they buy a particular product. (Kissmetrics)

The reason behind is as we stated earlier, colour can always evoke some emotions. This is deeply engraved in the subconscious mind and is influencing our choices without our knowledge too. Another benefit of having a specific colour to a brand is brand recognition. Brand recognition directly links to consumer confidence.

Let us see the general notion of popular colours

Yellow – Optimistic and Youthful; often used to grab the attention of window shoppers

Red – Energy; often seen in clearance sales

Blue – Creates the sensation of trust and security; often seen with banks and businesses

Green– Associated with wealth; the easiest colour for the eyes to process

Orange – Aggressive; creates a call to action; subscribe, buy or sell

Pink – Romantic and feminine; used to market products to women and young girls

Black – Powerful and sleek; used to market luxury products

Purplesoothe and calm; often seen in beauty or anti- ageing products

Now, for the final say, then what is the colour for social media marketing?

Yes, it is Blue, the colour for trust.


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