digital Marketing Conversion Funnel

These days everybody is connected to the digital space for things like socializing, ordering food, paying the bill, banking, grocery shopping, etc. This, in turn, has led to the internet evolving from luxury to a necessity. Before the internet age, business houses spent tons of money on traditional media to ensure their brand visibility.

digital-marketing conversion funnel
digital marketing conversion funnel

Now businesses regardless of their size can easily interact with their audiences by establishing a strong digital media presence. As more and more brands are moving to digital media, it is essential to have a strong digital media strategy to help your brand stand out and perform better.

Most of the resource in digital media like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, Gmail, YouTube, Instagram etc. are largely free platforms that can be used to communicate with your audience (some of them have paid options too). For a successful online campaign, the creation of a prominent digital marketing sales conversion funnel is essential and this involves a step-by-step process. For creating a digital marketing sales conversion funnel you have to conduct better research about your audience before starting the process.

Digital Marketing Funnel
digital marketing conversion funnel

Create Content

The golden rule for digital marketing is that ‘content is King.’ So this primary process is the determining factor in the success of your online campaign. First of all, visualize and find out the perfect persona of your target audience. Research about their character, hangouts, their problems, demographics and what they are searching. Then create content around this ideal persona using images, videos etc. The content must be unique, informative and attractive for your ideal customers. You can even offer some discounts or digital products like eBooks to them. Prepare content that contains the benefit of your product, comparison studies and some testimonials, but don’t forget to add some neutral posts also.

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Promote content and attract

Here we can ensure the reach of the content created for your audiences through various mediums like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and blogs etc. Before promoting your content, just find out where your ideal customers hang out and socialize. Then promote your content by considering the rules and regulations of that medium. There are many websites which can carry your giveaways and discount offers to millions of visitors within a few days. The promotion may be free or in paid form but the content must be attractive and informative for your audience. A well-informed person can be both a customer and a brand ambassador for your brand.


This is a very crucial step for your digital marketing conversion funnel to convert your audience to customers. Here is where your target customer does all the comparison between you and your competitors. In this stage, people are more concerned about price. So for an increased rate of conversion, you can offer some additional discounts or services. For some products, this is the first time people have to experience direct human interaction with your staff. Mostly these customers go through an online purchase process. After direct interaction with your leads, there should be a proper follow-up system for keeping them live.

Engage with your customers

Most of the businesses fail at keeping their customers happy after sales, and this may affect their opportunity to sell more in the future. For every big business eighty per cent of their sales come from references, and hence keeping your existing customers happy is the key. Create content according to the interest of your customers, which they would like to share with their family members, relatives and friends. There are many tools available online to interact with your customers and convert them as your brand ambassadors.

Delight your customers

Delight your customers whenever it’s possible by sending birthday wishes, bonus points and privilege offers. This will help you to keep in touch with them in a relevant manner. By keeping them ‘live’, the sales of your brand will increase with more quality referral leads. Delight your customers to keep them coming back for more.


Measuring your ROI for the investment and effort put into your digital marketing campaign is important. Refine your digital marketing sales funnel with each campaign to get better results. This is a continuous process and you will only get better with time. Track all the process for each step and find out where you are lacking, and then refine it. Use tools like Google analytics to effectively understand consumer behaviour and optimize the parameters to get the desired Results.

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