How to make money from Google work from home as a search engine evaluator?

Are you tired of looking to earn money from Google at home jobs?

If yes, then let’s discuss Google work from home options here. Just imagine that you are earning money from the internet technology company Google even without doing much work from home.

There are lots of articles available on how to make internet money online. And that may or may not work as some of the methods are copy pasting jobs, online surveys and using some apps etc. Also, most of these jobs are not from known companies.

google work from home
google work from home

If you are someone who is willing to do some smart work for Google from home, then read on. Have you ever heard the term search engine evaluation? If not, then this is what we are explaining here.

Before starting, let us remind you that this is not the only method to earn money from Google. There are methods like Adsense, Google apps, Google news etc.

To make money from Google Adsense you have to start a blog or a YouTube channel and monetize with Google Adsense. If you want to read more about how to earn money online from blogging and e-commerce business then check here.

Search result evaluation is a process which is usually done by internet users to get more perfect results for search queries.

You may probably know how a search engine works right?

Google, one of the top search engines has the responsibility to produce the most perfect results against each search query. Google makes it possible by creating algorithms like hummingbird and panda etc. These algorithms filter the results against each query and provide better results.

But sometimes the results provided by the algorithms are not perfect, so a group of people work on these results based on their particular knowledge about a country, culture and current events to get the perfect result. This crafting process is called search engine evaluation.

It means analyzing and providing feedback on the search results using Google’s online tools and the results can be text, images and videos etc.

Search engine evaluator for Google is one of the best options if you are looking for a Google at home jobs and earn a decent amount of money. But you should be very careful while checking for search engine evaluator jobs at Google because lots of scams are going around this topic on the internet.

If you want to check this Google job vacancy, go to the about us page on Google’s official site or check here Google work at home.

For getting the job at Google as a search engine evaluator, you should be an internet savvy person and with detailed knowledge about current events, culture, lifestyle and places on the preferred geographical location. Usually, Google is looking for search engine evaluation agents based on particular geographical areas.

For this type of job, there is no time frame and you can work from anywhere, any time. But, you have to work around 10 hours per week and you can select a preferred time frame since the system is available for working 24X7.

Search engine evaluation is a job based on contracts and if they like your work, then there is a chance for an extension for a particular period.

Sometimes Google calls this search engine evaluator as ads quality rater or search quality rater. So search on Google official page “ads quality rater” or “search quality rater”. Also be aware that it may take several days to get a reply for your application.

If you want to work as a search engine evaluator for other companies check these sites Leapforce, Lionbridge, Zerochaos, Appen Butler and isoftstone etc.


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