How to hire new employees for your small business.

Hiring new employees is an important decision for any business that’s planning their growth for the future or is working on an expansion plan or is consolidating their strength as a lean organisation.

Hiring smart and motivated employees is a good long-term asset for any organization and the selection process should be conducted very carefully as one rotten egg will be enough for the demoralization of your entire team. If you hire the right candidates, they will tell you what they want to do, otherwise, you have to tell them what you want from them. Here we will look at when, how and why should start hiring new employees.

hiring new employees
hiring new employees

For small and traditional businesses, the hiring process will be one of the biggest headaches, as most of them will lack a professional approach to employee wellness and employee turnover ratio.

Nowadays even if the employer forgets to check the background of an employee, the candidate will never fail to conduct a thorough check about your company.

If you are planning to hire smart employees, think about what you will expect if you were in the shoes of your employee?

One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make is appointing an outside HR agency to hire new employees for their company. HR agencies may be professionals, but they are outside people and they don’t know anything about your business vision and financial plans.

Mostly, a hiring agency would go for bright candidates, who know only running a business but not building one. As a CEO you should do your initial employee pitches yourself and share your vision with them. An inspiring vision will make an employee a true follower and they will keep nurturing your business in the long run.

Hiring New Employees At The Right Time

When 35% of your total working time is focussed only on the day-to-day activities of a single department in your company, then it is the perfect time to think about a new team. Your hiring plan should be on the basis of long-term goals like the production result and expansion plans, etc. you are going to achieve in five years.

Don’t hire people due to the sudden increase in business and the reason for this can be some unexpected events or seasonal change. Before announcing the plan to hire new employees, check whether the demand can be met by part-time employees, or by putting an additional shift with the existing employees.

Before hiring, analyze if the current employees are competent according to the level of work required and if all your employees are equipped with the best tools to get the work done. If you feel that your current employee strength can accomplish more productive results, then rearrange and relocate them. If still there is a gap in the work accomplishment, then hiring new employees is important for your business.

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How To Hire Your First Employees?

After running your business for months like a lean startup, you decide to hire new employees to help you bring your business to the next level. For the first level of hiring, use all your closely known resources like close friends, relatives and common interest sharing groups, etc.

The background, working history, and performance level of your first employees should be well known to you, as they are the initial pillars of your business. For initial hiring, select employees with high potential with middle-level of experience and share your vision. Then convince them as to how they can grow with your business.

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If you find that your prospective candidate is working with one of your close working groups like vendors or customers, then let them know about the hiring. There is nothing wrong with keeping potential employees, who can bring value to your business for the long term. There are some common hiring processes followed by leading companies to ensure the availability of quality talent.

Hiring New Employees small business
Hiring New Employees small business

Plan Your Recruitments

Here you should define the skill set and experiences that the job position in your company demands. After finalizing the job description and job specifications, make a detailed plan about how you are going to publicize the vacant position. Before publicizing the open vacancies, look inside your company for referrals of personal contacts, friends etc. from your current employees. When you plan to hire from your personal contacts, the hiring process should be the same and not based on emotional factors.

Let The Public Know

Announcing the open vacancies is perhaps the first time that prospective candidates will become aware of your organisation. Find out the characteristics of your ideal candidates and then choose a right channel to communicate with them. There are lots of professional social media networks like LinkedIn to look for potential employees. For startups and small business online platforms are the best options to reach the best potential candidates.

Categorise Applicants

Chances are, you will get a large number of job applications if you announce and describe the job vacancies properly. Review each and every application carefully and make a priority list. During the review process, makes calls to the applicants and ask some questions just to know why they are fit for your organization job-wise and culture-wise. This process will help you to streamline the list and save time.


Schedule dates for the interviews with the most preferred potential candidates from the list. Collect the details of the work experience and salary expectations of your candidates and make it a part of the list. This will help you in the selection process. Notify all the applicants about the status of their application. This helps applicants perceive your organisation as a professional and transparent one.

Select Most Suitable Employees

Hiring new employees must be focused on suitable candidates and not just a bright one. Before hiring, make a thorough check on educational credentials, prior employment credentials and criminal backgrounds. Finally, don’t forget to check the candidate’s social profiles, connections and posts to know more about their backgrounds.

Hiring New Employees And Making Them More Productive

Assign a mentor for each group of new employees to make them comfortable and adaptable to the new working atmosphere and culture. The mentor can be a senior employee in your organization. And he should be willing to provide necessary support and guidance to the new team members.

Before starting the hiring process, check the all the employment laws in your country and do all the paperwork legally. Retaining employees is as important as hiring employees; so there should be a proper employee retaining strategy in place.

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