Is Reddit a social media platform? How To Post On Reddit?

As you know Reddit is a high traffic online hangout, that has been called ‘the front page of the internet’. But did you also know it has its own ads system? How to post on Reddit? Or that it may or not be social media? Let’s take a more in-depth look at this essential stop for so many information-hungry users.

is reddit social media
is reddit social media

Reddit: The Basics

Firstly the homepage looks like a social version of Craigslist, it is Spartan, ugly and a bit outdated, like an arcade game from the 70’s, which is of course, what makes it ‘home’ in so many of its user’s eyes.

how to post on reddit
how to post on reddit

Reddit is a group of people coming together to share content, to hang out, fight, make alliances, kill their enemies. It is foremost a content sharing platform, whether that content is, a joke, a gif or a dark political theory or ’how to pick up girls’ – it is all content.

The basic ingredient of Reddit is the ‘subReddit’. This is a subsection of the general categories of discussion. They can get very specific and so cater for just about anybody’s interest no matter how bizarre and out there; they may be.

SubReddits are where you need to go to see and get seen by those with who you have similar interests. SubReddits are hosted by moderators so; you will need to get clued upon the rules and idiosyncrasies regarding posts.

Reddit is a traffic goldmine for many marketers. That is why so many try posting there, and spam does NOT go down well. To do well with marketing on Reddit you need to learn how it all works and to soak up the general atmosphere.

If you are thinking of running Reddit ads, then hanging out there for a while (especially in subreddits related to your niche) will give you insights and tips that will save you wasted money and also get you HIGH traffic.

Is Reddit a social media platform?

This is a question that could run and run. First, we need to define what is a social media platform and then see if Reddit ticks all the boxes.

Wikipedia defines social media as:

“…the social interaction among people in which they create, share or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks.”

is reddit a social media
is reddit a social media

So, yes, this definition will define Reddit nicely. However, Wikipedia goes on to further define social media thus;

“A group of Internet-based applications that build on the ideological and technological foundations of Web 2.0, and that allow the creation and exchange of user-generated content.”

So, while this describes Facebook and Twitter and Instagram perfectly, it hardly describes Reddit. Users here are not taking selfies of eating their favorite food or their new iPhone next to their preferred coffee selection at their local ‘hangout’.

Reddit users posts are diverse such as jokes, conspiracy theories, freelancer tips, how to open a bank account in Bolivia … all sorts of useful and inane concepts and so for that reason, it is nearer to a ‘forum’, than to social media. However, wherever there are those sharing icons on websites the Reddit icon is always there, so that puts it back into the realms of social media,

I suggest you go there and see for yourself then come back here and share your opinion below, or better still, you could start a new “Is Reddit Social Media?” discussion on Reddit itself. Which brings us nicely to the next part of the post.

How to post on Reddit

You will need a username, password and an email address.

how to post on reddit
how to post on reddit

Nothing more. Once registered, look up to the top right, and you should see a red inbox icon. Yes? You are done.

Tip: To become a power user, go and verify your email address at https//

Now on the left, you will see two buttons ”Submit A New Link” and “Submit A New Text Post”.

reddit ads
reddit ads

If you want traffic, or for users to visit a link go for “New Link” if you are trying to get a discussion going, go for “Text Post”.

First, find the subreddit you want to post to. If you are after traffic, then choose a subreddit that may not entirely fit your niche, but near enough, but has as many users as possible.

No point in posting to an empty room.

Make sure to read the posting guidelines; some only accept posts to links that are new that day, some only to links with ‘Trump’ in them. It all depends on the specific Reddit.

Text posts are for lively discussions, that can either be totally banal ”What’s your favorite granola?” or can they can be thought-provoking “Where does all our energy go when we die?”.

Choose either the “profile” box or the “subreddit” box. Unless you have a huge following check “subreddit”, type in the subject of a subreddit (conspiracy for example) and then choose the subreddit’s name from the drop-down menu.

You are almost your own moderator for your new post, so make sure to reply to comments and keep the discussion going. Best way to do that is to ask any commenter how they came to that conclusion or for a citation.

Reddit Ads

So, we all know that Reddit has vast amounts of real human traffic. So the logical step would be, why not advertize there?

Create a business account, unless you are promoting a personal blog for fame reasons.

Go to and get started. Choose a great thumbnail and a great attention-grabbing headline (title). Resist the temptation to add an unforgettable offer in the title, this kind of ‘in your face’ advertising will quickly get buried and ignored. Instead, try to be humorous, think of a hook, a REASON to click that is not financial or acquisitional.

Regarding keywords or interests, we are targeting the subreddits so no need to worry about that.

Choose the closest subreddits to your niche that have the most followers. Yes, there may be subreddits that are a perfect match for your niche, but if they have no followers, your advert will never get clicked. Choose 10 subreddits. You can then delete the weak response ads later.

We can go into more depth about advertising on Reddit another post, but I hope that this guide helped you to get to know an exciting neighbourhood that can make you an authority in your niche and a marketing genius.


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