Online book clubs that will take your entrepreneurship journey from good to great

Being an entrepreneur, is a very challenging thing, especially as they face different types of challenges on a daily basis. To tackle the daily challenges faced by entrepreneurs in this modern ultra-competitive business world, entrepreneurs might need some source of inspiration. The source of inspiration can be like mentors, mastermind groups, movies, books etc.

online book club
online book clubs

In these contemporary times, entrepreneurs are blessed with many modern inspirational resources like online book clubs to stay focused and motivated.

“I’m convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.” Steve Jobs, Co-Founder of Apple

Reading books written by famous writers is a great source of inspiration for entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams. Reading books can provide a great contribution to your business in building long-term relationships, increasing knowledge base, and enhancing your capacity to indulge in relevant discussions.

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Remember, a book can teach us important skills, but it doesn’t make us perfect in practising them. If you like to learn from the mistakes of others, start reading about the life journeys of other great entrepreneurs.

The most time-consuming process is not reading, but selecting the right books to read. The best way for an entrepreneur to save their time is by joining an online book club for entrepreneurs. Online book clubs help you find books through great deals and handpicked recommendations.

Most online book clubs don’t sell any books and they only provide a deep introduction to good books. Sometimes online book clubs bring you free and greatly discounted bestseller books. Here we are listing some good online book clubs for entrepreneurs.

online book clubs
online book clubs

Motivation Book Club

This book club will help you stay motivated in your personal as well as business life. Motivationbookclub will have monthly book suggestions for reading, discussing, and question answer sections of authors. This online book club for entrepreneurs provides the opportunity to network with great authors and like-minded people to stay motivated.



Goodreads book club is the largest community for book lovers and it was launched in 2007. By joining this club, you will get good book suggestions and you can even track what your friends read. All categories of books are available in Goodreads and you can select books according to your taste from the reviews of other members in the community. If you are a true book lover Goodreads is one of the best online book clubs to join. It is owned by the e-commerce giant


Read With Marketers

Readwithmarketers book club is the online community of marketing book lovers and by joining this community you will get a great opportunity to attain new skill sets in marketing. As a member, you will get monthly book suggestions in the marketing industry and Q&A sections with great authors. The number of online book clubs for marketers is very low and if you are a professional in marketing, you can join this club to polish your skills.


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Patrickbetdavid book club is one of the coolest book clubs any entrepreneur can go with and it was started by Patric Bet David. From this book club, you will have monthly book suggestions and you can find some interviews with the world’s most interesting people like NBA Hall of Famers James Worthy, Magic Johnson, Author Robert Greene, Billionaire Entrepreneur and NBA team owner Mark Cuban, Indy-500 Winner Al Unser Jr., Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak, author and entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki, and many others.


Get It Girl Book Club

Getitgirlbookclub online book club is for women entrepreneurs. This book club helps women entrepreneurs network with like-minded people and share tips on business activities through their online community. If you are a woman planning to start a business, then join this online book club is great to get some important tips on how to grow your business, increase your sales and how to lower your customer acquisition costs.


Read With Entrepreneurs

Readwithentrepreneurs is an online book club for entrepreneur’s reads and it is a perfect platform for lean startups. In this book club, the most discussed topics are about how to set up and start running a business with limited resources. Through this online book club, you can get great book deals and you can also chat with the authors directly. If you are beginning your entrepreneurship journey, then join the Readwithentrepreneurs online book club.

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My business book club

Mybusinessbookclub is an online book club for business owners. It brings all the hottest books on a single platform (10 hottest books per month). If you are a busy person and you don’t have the time to select one great book out of the 10 hottest suggested books, then you can go for the editor’s choice. They have authors, interviews and book reviews in this online platform for deep reading.


Read With Murray

Readwithmurray is an online book club for entrepreneurs for their successes in business life as well as personal life. In this online platform, you can indulge in thoughtful discussions. Readwithmurray provides you greater opportunity for networking with like-minded people.


Personal Branding Book Club

Personalbrandingbookclub is an online book club where you will get all the information regarding personal branding. Personal branding means building a brand around your name and this process is very much challenging for companies in the modern world. By joining this community you will get access to all modern strategies and techniques to build a personal brand.


Read With Cynthia

Readwithcynthia book club will teach you all the modern techniques and strategies to grow your business fast. They have a very active online community, which will make your decision making process much easier. Join this community and make some meaningful connections. 


Make Money Book Club

Every entrepreneur’s ultimate aim is a better lifestyle and creating wealth. Makemoneybookclub will keep you motivated and inspired to achieve your ultimate goals. Joining this community will play a major role in achieving a successful life. 


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Read With Leaders

Leadership quality is one of the must-haves in the successes of your business journey. Readwithleaders online book club will help you polish your leadership skill. By participating in the thoughtful discussions with experienced and successful leaders you will get more knowledge about revenue generation, low customer acquisition cost, and labour turnover ratio.


These are some of the best online book clubs an entrepreneur should join to enhance his/her skills. Check all the book clubs mentioned here and join the one that suits your needs. Let us know if there is any other online book club suitable for entrepreneurs reads.


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