Here are some popular myths about social media marketing

Big Myths about Social Media Marketing

Myths are always looming around any type of non-conventional strategies. It is always like that. Sometimes it is pretty hard to find out what are myths and what are truths.  Some myths are so conceived that anybody in the field easily believes it. It will be good to look into these popular myths to know whether they are so or not.

  1. Social Media marketing  is Not quantitative

–          It is a question about the measurability of the social media. Actually it can. Tracking URLs, visibility into your purchase funnel, Unified customerdatabases are some of the tools for measuring social media penetration. All you need is to do something to measure.

  1. Content marketing should be about your product and services

–          Content marketing isn’t hundred percent about your business. It can be anything related to it. It should be something that your customers want.

  1. It is for creating new customers

–          Most of the customers you find in the social media platform are your current customers. But the relevance is that loyalty and retention play can lead to acquisition of new customer base.

  1. Negative feedback should be ignored

–          Even if the comment is positive or negative, answer regularly. In fat answer every comment.

  1. Content  marketing and social media are separate initiatives

–          Content and social work so closely. They work like fuel and spark.


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