Company sales meeting ideas to boost productivity

“Meeting” is the most hated word in any organisation, especially sales meetings that sometimes stretch on for eternity and end up without any meaningful achievement. To prevent this from happening in your org, let’s look at the characteristics of a good sales meeting strategy and sales meeting ideas.

Sales meeting ideas
Sales meeting ideas

Sales meetings mean the gathering of team members involved in the selling process. The goal of every sales meeting is to increase the productivity of the employees.

The quality of the meetings is decided by factors like the time limit, goal, agenda, and requirement etc. The growth of the organization depends upon the efficiency of the process and not on the daily tactics that are used. Even though it’s an important factor in the growth strategy of a company, spending more than 20 minutes on sales meetings will badly affect the morale of even the best performing salespersons in your organisation.

The person, who leads the meeting should have a clear vision about the meeting and should maintain the pace of the meeting. Before starting the meeting, he/she should have a keen sense of time management for each section of the meeting like one to one meetings, meeting with sales teams and common meetings. The goal of the meeting is a crucial factor in its success and hence it should be fixed after performing enough homework to arrive at a realistic goal.

sales meeting ideas
sales meeting ideas

What’s an agenda?

An agenda is a plan to achieve the goal of the meeting. A leader must consider individual capability, strength, and weakness of his team before planning the agenda. Once you fix the goal of the meeting, you can plan the agenda to accomplish this goal and if necessary you can have the assistance of senior members in the organisation.


“Begin with the end in the mind”

– Stephen Covey


To ensure the active participation of every member, the leader should assign some important jobs to the members like taking notes, distributing the documents related to the meeting agenda, etc. Don’t forget to time the meeting to ensure that it doesn’t take up any more time than what’s necessary. Keep a department calendar for sales meetings and this will help to ensure punctuality as mostly everyone in the sales department will be on the run to meet their deadlines. Every sales meeting should inspire, motivate and make the team capable of achieving a common goal.


“Management is about persuading people to do things they do not want to do, while leadership is about inspiring people to do things they never thought they could.”

– Steve Jobs


There are lots of sales meeting ideas to include in the planning process of a productive sales meeting. Let’s have a look at some of them.


Ensure complete participation

Inform your employees about the details of the meeting at least 24 hrs in advance. Also, give them some tasks like making a note about their success stories and the biggest hurdles they overcame during the sales process in that month. Sharing such information in the meeting will help to motivate the other employees and increase their performance.

Educate employees about the product

Proper training enhances the potential of your employees to handle objections during the sale process. After hearing their sales experiences, if necessary give brief explanations. Every sales meeting is a great opportunity to fix the topic for the next training. Take every opportunity to sharpen the skill of your employees that are part of the growth process of your company.

Be interactive

Meetings should be interactive and you should give them the opportunity to share about the roadblocks that may be getting in the way of their performance. If the issues brought up by your employees need more time to be solved, then make notes and later address them accurately. As a leader, your responsibility is to support them to achieve more, so a meeting is the best platform to engage with your sales team directly.

Inspire and motivate the team

Motivating and inspiring the team to accomplish a common goal can be done in many ways. You can use the testimonies of your customers, case studies and charts of some historical data for motivating your team, but it must be organized before starting the meeting.

You can even start with some funny stories, then slowly bring the entire team to a mood of a meeting, but make sure that each and every person leaving after the meeting should be in a positive state of mind. Provide some incentives or gifts to the best performers in your company. Evaluate the performance of your employees individually and fix targets based on the previous performance.

Time it to the last second

Maintain punctuality in starting and ending the meeting and if individual evaluations are the part of the agenda, do it after the common meeting to save everyone’s’ time. Make sales meetings a part of the growth process of your company and build a great sales culture. Be focused and consistent in investing your company’s precious time and this will assure the growth of your company as well as your sales team.

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