Why social media marketing?

Why social media marketing?

Social media marketing is the new generation marketing that is more effective and efficient than the traditional marketing methods.  Social media has become a buzz word today. It has created a new culture with its own specialities rather uniqueness.  It has revolutionized the way people communicate.  The same has turned out to be a platform for organizations to brand and sell their products.

The main advantage of social media marketing is that it is more dynamic and interactive communication is possible.  Within a minimum budget, you can reach out to your defined target.  Now it is not a luxury but a necessity to invest in social media.  Trends suggest that social media marketing will soon become a must.

Now, people depend on online media to get information about product and services.  Reviews and feedbacks on these social platforms and forums have a greater influence on the way people perceive the brand and it influences their buying behaviour also.  In today’s highly competitive market it is an urgency to maintain the brand image and reputation.  Presence in social media platforms is a must for timely reputation management, especially in service marketing.

social media marketing

4 rules of Social media marketing:

  1. Pay attention to the interests of the customers – What they say where they say it. Understand the perception that they are having for the brand. It is essential for the success of any campaign.
  2. Give people all the information they needed about the product or service through social media so that the product or service can sell itself.
  3. Customers crave a total experience.  Marketing, sales, service, delivery, follow-up – you need to deliver a whole package that caters to the customer.
  4. People hate interruptions. Most of them dislike ads and pop-ups when they are trying to do something else.  It’s an irritating experience, an irritated person won’t buy from you.






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