10 Ways Telecommuting Saves Employers Money

Companies all over the world are debating whether to implement a telecommuting program or not. Telecommuting is a program has gained popularity across all sectors.

Even though most people believe employees are the main beneficiaries of the program, employers benefit from the arrangement as well.        

Telecommuting, e-commuting or working from home is a practice where an employee works outside the office. It can be from home or a location near his/her home such as a library or coffee shop. Instead of traveling to the company’s workplace, the employee keeps in touch via email and telephone.


However, he or she might occasionally travel to the office to attend special meetings or to be advised about the job. Many employers are realizing the benefits of telecommuting and are implementing the practice. Here are some of the benefits of telecommuting to the employer.    

1. Extra working hours  

Your employees spend a lot of time traveling to and from work every day. This is the time most of your competitors’ employees spend working on their projects if they are e-commuting. So, if you can implement the telecommuting program in your company, your staffs can spend time working instead of commuting.

They will also give their best when they work from home at a convenient time. So, free your employees the stress of daily commuting to and from work by implementing e-commuting.   

2. Increases productivity  

Another way telecommuting saves employers money is by increasing productivity. However, many employers fear that when employees are allowed to work from home, they would ignore the company’s projects and focus on other jobs. Also, employers worry that employees can work for other organizations instead of concentrating on their work. However, recent findings show that telecommuting increases productivity.    

Working at home allows employees to focus more on their job since there are few interruptions. In addition, the employees choose a schedule that matches their lifestyle. Hence, they perform better than when working in the office.    

3. Increases level of flexibility  

When working from home, it is easy to have a good working plan. This is because you do not need to worry about working up early to commute to work or traffic. Besides, some people are productive in the morning hours while others like working late at night.

Therefore, telecommuting is the best way to allow your employees to give their best. In addition, e-commuting helps them balance work life and family time.   

4. Boosts morale and work quality  

You can only achieve quality work results when you boost employees’ morale. And by e-commuting, you can be able to enhance the quality of work by a number of ways that include: You give your staff a sense of responsibility and making them feel energized to finish the work on time.    

The employees only come to the office for a special meeting. This makes them feel more like managers who work at a convenient time.    

They can focus on work without being interrupted or monitored. Employees can wear whatever they want as long they can deliver. Many employees hate going to work due to unfriendly employees. When you allow them to work from home, you boost their morale because they do not have to meet each other.    

5. You save on office expenses  

Having employees working in the office is very expensive. When you factor in the office space, water usage, electricity bill, and equipment cost, it can be a huge budget. You also need to accommodate them and give them tea at ten and at four o’clock. Studies show that companies that allow their employees to telecommute save a lot of money every year.    

6. You get the best employees  

Telecommuting gives you a chance to hire anyone around the world. If you are planning to hire new workers, you do not need to concentrate on your locality or country. This is because you do not work in a traditional office. You can have someone working in Europe, Africa or any part of the world. Having an opportunity to hire any person seeking a job, regardless of the location, is beneficial to you because you can get the best.    

7. Telecommuting is eco-friendly  

Apart from boosting employees’ morale and making them become more productive, e-commuting can help the company reduce global warming. By eliminating daily commutes, you help to reduce gas emissions and air pollution. Also, you save on travel costs since you can have employees working on different parts of the world.    

8. You maximize on time  

For small and medium-sized business, every minute is valuable. Happily, telecommuting can help you maximize on time. By working from home, every employee can maximize on time to deliver quality work.

This is because the employees are stress-free and have the freedom to work at any time. The feeling makes them feel loved and tend to stay more in their job. This saves you stress of hiring and training new employees.    

9. Minimizes absences  

A lot of time and money is wasted when employees are absent or report to work late. This is due to traffic while commuting, unexpected illness, and parenting responsibilities. In addition, there are several unplanned or unscheduled absences.

But this can be avoided when you implement a telecommuting program. Since there is flexibility; workers can be able to balance their job and family responsibility. Based on a recent report, companies that have adopted the telecommuting program have managed to reduce unplanned absences by 63 percent.    

10. Enhance trust among the employees  

Another benefit of telecommuting is enhancing trust among employees. Since you are fair on them, they will try their best to be good to you as well. Hence, they will achieve their targets on time. Also. They feel trusted and will do their best to ensure they do not break the trust.    


These are some of the ways telecommuting saves employers money. And since telecommuting gives employers an opportunity to hire employees all over the world, most companies can be able to grow very fast. So, for both employer and employee, telecommuting is a win-win program.


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