Learn to answer “tell us what makes you unique”

 What makes you unique is now becoming a popular question that most employers ask during interviews. If you are looking for someone to guide you answer this question; then you are just at the perfect place.

Today, we will provide you with a vital guide that will show not only how to respond to such a question but how to do it the right way. You will find considerable information that will give you the best clues you need.

tell us what makes you unique
tell us what makes you unique

The whole idea behind this is to help you understand why employers ask you what makes you unique and how to tell them what makes you unique.

Normally when you get the question of what makes you unique?

Will you go about it by beginning to tell them what your likes, dislikes or hobbies are? The secret you may not be aware of which I will tell you is that this question might be a way to throw you off guard but it is quite simple and that is because:

What your employer wants you to state for them is what makes you most suitable for the job, why you should get chosen for the job, what about you is special or stands out amongst other applicants. But mind you, do not start narrating memorized points in your resume to them.

You may still be a little confused here, but there are three key things you need to, first of all, understand in order to respond to this question the right and perfect way; and these things to reflect on are:

  • Why do employers ask to tell us what makes you unique?
  • What actually makes you unique? and
  • Tell them what makes you unique.

Now let’s get started….

tell us what makes you unique
tell us what makes you unique

Below I am going to provide you with some useful suggestions and also instances to help you determine how to address the question “What makes you unique ?”

You may probably be wondering why recruiters ask “What makes you unique?”

Employers usually include this question to determine what skills or high qualities you have that make you a more suitable choice for the job than other candidates they could be talking to. A better way to understand this is to simply put if dozens of other specialists have almost the same ability as you have likewise applied for the job, why should they hire you instead?

A little absurd but another reason why companies ask this question is to comprehend how much value you have for yourself; in this case, here is the trick. The important thing is for you to emphasize on how productive you are and your strengths.

The employer is looking for exceptional strengths or soft abilities you could not have mentioned in your resume or application but which will certainly help you do well on duty.

After you must have had a clue why you could be asked: “what makes you unique?” I am now going to guide you identify those characteristics that actually make you unique, therefore responding to the question “what makes me unique?”

A lot of people will find this difficult so we recommend that:

Instead of attempting to identify things that differentiate you from other candidates rather lay emphasis on why employing you would benefit the company.

That sounds easy, right? And the reason why that is the best approach because you don’t understand the other applicants, so it can be challenging to consider your answers in relation to them. Resolving why your history makes you an excellent fit will allow companies to understand why your characteristics and also certifications make you well prepared.

Now I am going to enlighten you with four attributes that you need to pay attention to so you can properly tell them what makes you unique and ideal for the position.

The first thing you have to do is; consider what the company may find important.

Employers want prospects that will certainly bring a perspective, capability or ability that will help them attain business goals.

Take time to carefully review the task description and also seek info regarding specific goals the company is hoping the new staff member will certainly fulfil after that identify the strengths you possess that straighten with these demands.

For example, if you’re looking for the position of a manager and the job description states that; the business’s drive to help with cross-department interaction, you could share your capability to bring people together as your strength so it can bring about a strong team spirit that strives for efficiency and productivity.

Here I will propose you tell them your job history and also previous experiences.

The simple trick here is to bring out your achievements in your previous positions or times you were commended or awarded by your company. To help guide you further, focus on; what you did to earn the recognition? What qualities, abilities or capabilities helped you achieve success?

Whatever you accomplished is most likely something various other companies would certainly add value in an incumbent staff.

As an example, to consider here is if as a gifted sales specialist you have the experience of handling dissatisfied customers or bringing back shed accounts. In this case, your unique ability to bring back dissatisfied clients to business would make you an asset to the company because your skills will be needed to handle their unhappy clients.

After stating your strengths and skill sets, another trick I will let you know is that you need to acknowledge your most prominent personality.

Take into consideration stamina’s highlighted by previous co-workers and also your characteristics your loved ones have commented you for. After that, search for methods you could apply these aspects of your character to master the work.

For instance, let’s state other individuals have acknowledged you’re patient as well as dedicated.

In this case, you might share how your perseverance and persistence has enabled you to continue to be tranquil as well as collected in high-stress situations or your determination to satisfy objectives in spite of outdoors pressures or setbacks.

The last thing you will want to bear in mind is that: You do not need to be distinctive.

Don’t let words “one-of-a-kind” puzzle or intimidate you. While employers are trying to find fascinating skills, they don’t anticipate you to share something that’s unlike any type of response they’ve ever heard- especially if it’s not pertinent to the task.

For instance, if you’re obtaining a client service position, the company probably isn’t thinking about becoming aware of your special skills. Conversely, fluency in numerous languages could not be specifically uncommon yet this beneficial ability may be enough to set a customer care candidate besides various other applicants.

So we are going to summarize this in a simple way:

When responding to any type of interview inquiry, use particular details or real-life scenarios whenever possible. The far better you demonstrate your capabilities via examples, the extra memorable and reliable your response.

You should not be too detailed in your explanations except you are asked to elaborate.

In as much as you will find it pleasant to talk about your skills and abilities, always make sure you “KISS” your responses. This simply means that you should, “Keep It Short and Simple”, you do not need to talk about all your experiences but select truthful, realistic and straightforward answers to the questions you were asked.

  • Your responses should be timely and simple.
  • They should have verifiable facts which are also attractive and appealing.

I am going to provide you with an example of how to respond to the question “tell us what makes you unique” so you can come up with your own answers.

Creativity is what first motivated me to pursue business and management. New business ideas captivate me. The idea of running a business and the risk involved in business has always been my push factor.

As a dynamic person who is equally an innovative and critical thinker, I help to solve business problems. I have that strong ability of spotting and opportunity recognition, which aids me to detect options of turning problems into business or personal opportunities.

I use my creative skills to generate unique solutions to problems, not focusing on them but see how much opportunity lies in any challenge and how much I can make from it.

I am aware of the factors that can affect businesses like political, environmental, economic, social and competitors both local, regional and global and with my knowledge in business strategy, law, information systems, marketing, organizational and financial management, I have the ability to tackle problems coming from the afore-mentioned sources which will lead to productivity and enhancement of the organization.

I am equally an ethical decision maker, a reflective thinker and quite initiative as well. I am quick to recognize ethical issues, using ethical frameworks to analyze them, choose and defend any solution I come up with after proper evaluation and how it can help for future growth plus I do not rely only on my own abilities but I believe in teamwork, so as part of a team, I know how to take other people’s perspectives and build them to strong ideas and solutions.

I am quite effective and efficient in what I do plus I possess good communication skills.

I believe a lot in teamwork, and just like Michael Jordan rightly said, “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships” and this is exactly the legacy I always want to build.

My last advice for you is that:

Everybody has something special that makes them an optimal candidate for a job. By determining your one-of-a-kind strengths and composing your talking factors before your interview, can help you to communicate better why you’re an excellent fit for the task.



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