The Triumph of Inbound Marketing – Digital Marketing Explained

Marketing is very important to any company’s growth. Unless you market your product, you won’t get any customers. This explicitly means that your company’s success relies heavily on marketing campaigns. For marketing, we use outbound marketing traditionally. But with the near universal usage of social media, inbound marketing strategies gain an edge.

digital Marketing Explained

Outbound marketing

Outbound marketing is often referred as interruptive marketing since it does not identify the requirement of the customers. Or it gives information about the products and services that they are not looking for. Big enterprises find the advantage over these by bringing awareness to a national audience about their products and services. These strategies are not only interruptive but also quite expensive. The main drawbacks of outbound marketing are :

  • Communication is passive and often missed by the consumer
  • Leads and impacts are unmeasurable due to its passive nature

Inbound marketing – Why online Marketing?

Why online marketing? Yes, this is one of the right questions asked themselves by marketers in modern days. Inbound marketing is a marketing strategy that focuses on getting found by customers ( also called interactive advertising). Some of the most effective inbound marketing tactics include content marketing and social media participation.

Through inbound marketing, you target potential audience by providing useful contents and thereby providing more information about your products and services. This is a more affordable strategy. Moreover, this is an effective strategy. Customers learn about your company through search engines, social media and referrals. Inbound marketing produces more leads. Your online presence can turn to be an effective inbound strategy through more than one ways.

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digital marketing explained
digital marketing explained
  1. Creating content – One of the major pillars of digital marketing explained here is relevant content. post helpful articles, photos or videos relating to your product and services using social media networks. Through this useful content, you will be able to entice the customers to be loyal to you and can lead to your web page. When interesting, useful, or educational content id combined with a strong presence in the social media, its usefulness can increase substantially. The visibility of your page can be increased substantially by making the content shared through social media networks grow virally. Along with improvements in search engine rankings, content marketing can create massive buzz and consistent referral traffic, as well as driving sales.
  2. Offering incentives – provide some free goods or offers to your visitors. That will make them more interesting to follow you.
  3. Communication – inbound marketing allows you to communicate directly with the customer. Getting feedback through this channel can give you a chance to improve your business. Now every business is more keen on interactive advertising strategies as this will help them to create a more loyal customer base. As companies realize the potential of inbound marketing strategies, the trend was followed. This lead to the fact that the average budget spent on company blogs and social media has nearly doubled in the last two years. About two third of the marketers say, that the company blog is critical or important to their business. Moreover, inbound marketing cost around sixty per cent less than the traditional way of outbound marketing. Also, inbound marketing generates revenue.

The new age of inbound marketing is about providing added value and earning customer loyalty. It is clear that marketing is changing from annoying the consumers by interrupting to making them come to you.


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