What Exactly Is Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing refers to a promotional technique used by brands to promote their products or services in an unconventional way, which ensures maximum reach within a tight budget. In guerrilla marketing, the budget doesn’t have any role to play, but the success largely depends on the surprise factor involved in the campaign.

The intention of all these types of marketing methods is just grabbing the attention of the target audience by surprising them. There are lots of successful case studies on guerrilla marketing campaigns that prove that they create positive brand recall.

what is guerrilla marketing
what is guerrilla marketing

Guerrilla marketing methods were introduced in advertising by Jay Conrad Levinson, when he wrote the book Guerrilla Marketing in 1984. Guerrilla marketing was different from traditional media in the way that it implemented a new strategy to create a big impression on the mind of the target audience using the surprise factor. The term has evolved from guerrilla warfare techniques like ambushing, sabotage, and raids etc.

For implementing guerrilla marketing techniques, the size or budget of the business doesn’t have any role. But it does demand a lot of energy and focus. Execution of these marketing techniques does not mean the creation of a new medium for communicating with the target audience. It is just a different approach in using the selected medium. The business can select the communication channel and budget of the campaign on the basis of their customer personas and market size.

For the success of the campaign, ensure that the surprise element is connected to the problem your product or service addresses. If you have a limited marketing budget and want to focus on bigger audiences, then guerrilla marketing is the way to go. These modern marketing tactics will ensure lower customer acquisition costs and great lifetime value for your customer.

How to execute a guerrilla marketing campaign?

Usually, these techniques work like a long-term investment for your branding process, as it creates a long-lasting impression. In guerrilla marketing, you have to invest your time, energy and imagination more than money. But, studies have also shown us that these marketing methods are not suitable for some industries like insurance and banking. Here we can check the step by step process to plan and execute a guerrilla marketing campaign for your brand.

what is guerrilla marketing
what is guerrilla marketing

Define your target audience

As in every marketing campaign, here also you have to define your target audience personas and find out where they hang out. Such places can be physical or online like clubs, public places, Facebook etc.

Right channel and budget

Next process is to find out the best channel to reach them and choosing it on the basis of consumer behaviour. Engaging and socialising behaviour means that people in some age groups may consume information and some may be more conscious about news related to health and fitness etc. According to your ideal personas choose your marketing campaign’s tone of voice and channel.

Focus on the idea

In guerrilla marketing, you have to be more focused on the idea rather than the product or service you are going to market. First of all, create a life situation where your product provides a positive impact and a better experience for your target audience. Good products or services are designed to address an existing customer problem and in guerrilla marketing, you can point out this problem, and give an exaggerated or interesting solution to this using your product or service.


Cases have shown that a great idea can be ruined by poor execution, but to some extent, a poor idea can be saved by a great execution. Most of the success percentage directly depends on the execution part. So according to your industry, if possible do some tests or surveys before the final execution.

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Guerrilla marketing example for your reference

what is guerrilla marketing
what is guerrilla marketing

Here is a smart guerrilla marketing campaign done by Mr. Clean as a reference point. Mr. Clean is an all-purpose cleaning solution product by Procter&Gamble. The product’s target audience is the common public and the problem they are addressing is cleaning dirt and stains. In this campaign, the brand’s promise was to clean anything, anywhere. Hence, they integrated the idea into a real life situation of their target audience. What they did was just paint one of the crosswalk stripes with bright white and put the Mr.Clean logo at the bottom of the stripe. This was a brilliant and unconventional promotional activity that created lots of buzz for the brand within a low budget.


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