what’s twitter – Custom timelines on Twitter

twitter customline

Did you ever feel to organize the contents of the twitter? Did you ever feel that twitter contents are really a mess? Here twitter gives a solution with the custom timelines. It enables you to collect and organize tweets into specific groups or categories within the social media platform. Now tweets of a particular event or a crisis can be embedded into a story. Great na?

Then how can it help in marketing and brands?

Its event focused timelines must have an answer. Capture everything that is being shared and talked about any event at the platform with yourcustomized content.  Connect it with a brand conversation. There areBrand Campaign Timelines also. Forget completely about hash tags with this new hero, Influencer Program Timelines. Advertisers can now have an opportunity to own a conversation with sponsoring timelines of partner brands or topics, creating a more harmonious and meaning full partnership.

Build your own custom timelines and enjoy tweeting




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